To prevent life and property damage from trees as environmentally friendly, and sustainably as possible.

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How We Accomplish The Mission:


A lot of the work we do, doesn't require the use of gas powered tools. Instead, we use electric tools whenever possible. This reduces the use of fossil fuels in our practice and as an added benefit, the work site is quieter. Less noise and exhaust, happier neighbors. 


We aim to be efficient, safe, and thorough. We use the right tool for the right job, instead of a one size fits all approach. When it comes to risk, we will always choose the conservative route in order to protect life and property. The client's happiness is paramount, so we aren't happy until you are.



We do our best to be efficient in terms of transportation. This could mean bringing only the required vehicles to the job site and carpooling. Sometimes it means using our fully electric vehicle for site visits and bids instead of the work truck. We plan to upgrade all of our work vehicles to either electric or hybrid when possible. We encourage our clients to think about how they can use the materials from the job locally, and minimize transportation requirements.



We believe in being nice humans. We don't agree with everyone, and they won't always agree with us. We are mindful of our actions and our impact on the people and the environment around us. We aim to show respect to everyone and ask that you give us the opportunity to earn yours.


-Whole tree removal

-Pruning for health, size management or risk management

-Hazard identification and assessment

-Storm cleanup including fallen trees, branches, and debris.

-Accessory services: Chipping, Splitting, Stacking, Stump grinding


      *Green Tree Service LLC is a Licensed, bonded, insured company. WA State L&I Registration #GREENTS791Q3




Bothell, WA 98011

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